Joining forces to fight against cancer.

OGene Biobank is connecting researchers, physicians, and healthcare investors to support industry and academia as they strive for new diagnostic methods and therapeutic approaches.

OGene Biobank is a biorepository that collects quality DNA, cell, and tissue samples for researchers to investigate cancer and other genetic diseases.

The ongoing OGene Biobank project contains over 3000 biological samples from over 1000 individuals. Most of the samples are body fluids, including plasma, serum, and urine. Other sources including stool, FFPE, and fresh tissue samples restored in RNAlater as well as extracted DNA samples, are properly prepared for genetic and epigenetic studies.

OGene biological samples and data are stored with paraclinical examinations, questionnaires, and demographic characteristics. Samples are gathered with donor’s consent and can be used for future scientific research and health care products under certain regulations.