Frequently Asked Questions

OColon is an epigenetic, colorectal cancer screening procedure that identifies a specific methylated biomarker panel in blood. In colorectal cancer, DNA methylation of some genes is increased. Methylated DNA of tumor cells is released into the blood, and the methylation signature in plasma can be detected using Real-Time PCR technology.

OColon is recommended to offer a choice for colorectal cancer screening for individuals of average risk, aged 45 and over, who have a history of not achieving screening through colonoscopy and stool testing.

A blood test is a semi-invasive method of testing. A blood-based colorectal cancer screening test could apply to screening eligible individuals who have a history of not performing colorectal cancer screening.

In clinical trials, the interval for using OColon has not been established yet.

Your healthcare provider will order OColon during a regular or annual office appointment. Your blood will be drawn at your doctor’s office or a medical lab’s blood collection department and shipped to us. We provide your doctor the results. You and your healthcare provider should explore your screening choices before deciding on OColon.