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Our Mission

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. In 2020, 19 million people were diagnosed with cancer globally; this number is expected to increase by 11 million in 2040. Our mission is to develop cancer detection tests for common cancers, we started with colorectal cancer and successfully generated OColon and OKras.

We are expanding our pipeline rapidly. Using our cutting-edge methodology and innovative approach, we aim to cover a wide range of cancers. We intend to achieve precision medicine, which is a promising concept in cancer treatment. Precision medicine acts on factors like genetic information, environment, and lifestyle allowing physicians to find an accurate treatment plan for each patient. Our colorectal cancer predictive kit, ‘OKras’ is our first step toward this goal. With restless effort, we offer physicians and patients reliable information to help them become confident in their treatment decisions.

Currently, we are finding new DNA methylation and mutation biomarkers for breast, lung, prostate, stomach, and liver cancers* to provide the basis for developing diagnostic and predictive tests.

* Based on the Globocan 2020, these are leading cancers with around 50% of total diagnose.