Our high-performance, semi-invasive tests can enhance cancer detection impressively. We are pleased to provide cancer screening by leveraging our expertise in epigenetics.

How OColon works?

OColon is a novel colorectal cancer screening test that uses a simple blood drawn sample to diagnose the disease. A new concept of molecular biology was used to create our multi-target blood DNA test. Consequently, it is a powerful combination of technology wrapped into an easy-to-use pre-cancer and cancer screening test. It looks for a unique form of a DNA methylation pattern, which is altered more frequently in tumor cells rather than in normal tissues.

Blood circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) amount usually varies from case to case, which makes the development of a sensitive and generalized approach for biomarker identification challenging. In OColon, novel technology has been applied which strongly improved its performance by standardizing the detection frame of all samples.

An evident fact is that one biomarker is not capable of achieving the desired performance. In OColon a biomarker panel based on two biomarkers is most useful for colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis.