Detecting Cancer

With Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy is a promising concept in oncology to be used for diagnosis, prognosis, prediction of response to treatment, or follow-up on cancer therapy. It is a safe procedure.

Striving to change cancer detection to save lives

Cancer is a complex genetic disease. It evolves rapidly to become more invading and destructive. Cancer is often diagnosed late and after it has already spread silently, it cannot be cured. Therefore, early detection is crucial in order to achieve successful cancer treatment.

Saving lives through ''OColon''

Detect Earlier

When colorectal cancer is found at an early stage, the patient’s 5-year survival rate is about 90%. Unfortunately, only 40% of few cases are diagnosed early. Late colorectal cancer diagnosis permits the cancer advancing to later stages. The patient’s survival rate decreases as the disease has spread throughout the body and it hardly responds to treatments. Early detection is a life-saving imperative for cancer patients.

Your blood can tell

We developed an easier and safer blood-based colorectal cancer test named “OColon”.

Our Products


Our high-performance, minimally invasive test can enhance cancer detection impressively. We are pleased to provide cancer screening by leveraging our expertise in epigenetics.


OKras identifies mutations in the KRAS gene in cancer cells using blood circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). The prevalence of these mutations means that some cancer treatments may be ineffective and should be changed.


OBis is a complete kit for the preparation of bisulfite-converted DNA with a streamlined process for fast and accurate results.

What Is ''OColon''?

OColon is an epigenetic, colorectal cancer screening procedure that identifies a specific methylated biomarker panel in blood. In colorectal cancer, DNA methylation of some genes is increased. Methylated DNA of tumor cells is released into the blood, and the methylation signature in plasma can be detected using Real-Time PCR technology.

Our Services

Patient Education

We will not desert you alone in the devastating battle against cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of the way; rather it is the beginning of the long and hard journey. We will be by your side along the way and provide the necessary support for you.

Scientific contribution

We have a close relationship with well-established universities and research centers. If you are interested in our work, we will be pleased to offer you a fellowship or graduate study program or become our transfer student.